AG-Career Hub has partnered with diverse companies and organisations to expose existing opportunities in career, market entry, entrepreneuership and networking communities within the diaspora to enhance a sustainable platform.

mitafrika is an initiative of NIfA (Nürnberger Initiative für Afrika), which was called upon to do educational work so that the full potential of Africa can be exploited by German companies. The organisation was founded this year and is organising an event to bring African Entrepreneurs and German SMEs together. mitafrika would like: a) to contribute to strengthening the role of the African diaspora in Germany in order to position it as a bridge-builder for sustainable trade relations between Africa and Germany. b) to bring German SMEs and African entrepreneurs together in the diaspora and promote a common approach to the African market. The event “mitafrika || Business Forum” is organized together with the IHK Nuremberg for Middle Franconia as co-organizer and under the auspices of Dr. Gerd Müller, Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development. For more about the upcoming event, please visit

Kepic Commercials and Consulting Germany based in Heilbronn, solves the gap of technology transfer between Europe and Africa, to support German and European companies doing business in Africa and to solve the needs of small and medium-sized companies in Africa facing difficulties in partnering and trading with European companies. For more details about Kepic, visit

AfricaWorks is the first digital career platform based in Berlin matching highly qualified African professionals from all over the world with international companies doing business in African. AfricaWorks disrupts the cycle of Brain Drain by connecting African talent and experts trained in Europe with international and local companies in Africa, thereby contributing to sustainable development on the ground. The goal of the company is to bridge the information gap between the education sector on the one hand and the corporate side on the other to promote job and career perspectives in Africa. For more information about AfricaWorks, please check

MES DAK Corporation (M&D) is a digital transformation startup devoted to the development of the Micro, Small and Medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in Africa and Middle East. M&D has developed a digital ecosystem and a platform named M’Network to foster 1.) e-Commerce, M’Butic free online shop for all small businesses 2.) Enterprises Development Board an ERP for MSMEs to improve production & performance 3.) M’Finance a fintech solutions to connect funding-ready enterprises with Lenders and or investors. Visit and  for more information

Afrolynk is the first tech & entrepreneurship space based in Berlin that connects startups and businesses focusing on Africa and/or wanting to expand into the African market. Afrolynk conference highlights African tech entrepreneurship success stories across multiple sectors, the main challenges faced by these start-ups, and the hidden opportunities that can be leveraged. The conference gives the opportunity to connect entrepreneurs, hubs, accelerators, policy makers, chambers of commerce, and VCs within the African /European tech ecosystem, and it helps startups and businesses to accelerate. For more information about Afrolynk, visit


MAK Afrika – is a Social Enterprise Coffee Startup based in Augsburg which has been trading in ecologically and fair traded coffee from Tanzania. The company imports fair-trade organic coffee which they purchase from a group of 28 coffee-farming families in the fertile slopes at the foot of Mount Meru in Tanzania.This coffee is now available in the MAK Café located in Augsburg. Visit for more information about the company.

Evansonslabs Consulting & Coaching is a consulting company based in Freiburg. Evansonslabs offers consultation to companies, lectures and coaching services for university students in various universities in Germany. The company also manages ERGO HAUPTAGENTUR - James Njoroge, an investment & insurance agency in Freiburg. James helps clients coordinate their risk and diversify their investment and to find the coverage and investments that suites your preferences, both on the digital platforms and offline. To get more information about Evansonslabs, visit their website

Jamala Integral Fund invests in African diaspora entrepreneurs who have social and ecological innovations back home. Jamala Integral Fund brings structure in the diaspora community by running Road Map events and bringing more awareness of the importance of investing in industries that bring returns so that they have their monies working for them. For more information about the Fund, visit 

GAaNF is an organisation aimed at transforming the widespread image of Africa. GAaNF aims at supporting these sustainable cooperations. The organisation supports exchange programmes such as B2B partnerships, educational and training exchange programs, delegation trips, cultural exchange programmes, mutual investment partnerships, needs-based project analysis and other consulting services. For more information about the organisation, click

Lerai Advisory Group is a boutique Strategy Consulting and Market Assessment firm based in France that provides a comprehensive “Market Entry Package” for companies seeking to invest in the Eastern Africa region. Lerai Advisory Group was started by Maureen Kimani-Lucas, a Kenyan based in Paris who is passionate about Africa’s growth potential. Lerai is supported by a local team with vast business experience on the African continent. For more information about the company, visit their website:


Women in Tech Africa is the Africa's largest women in tech group, a community of women and girls in technology roles across Africa. The organisation has membership of women in over 30 countries in Africa and has physical Chapters in Ghana, Kenya, London, South Africa and Germany. Oladunni Staehler is the German Chapter Lead for the organisation. Ola who originates from Nigeria, is based in Germany currently working as Global Triage Manager at SAP SuccessFactors. For more information about the organisation, visit their website here:

African Women in Europe (AWE) is an organisation based in Germany which brings African women based in Europe together. Started in 2008, African Women in Europe has over the years grown to a membership of over 1500 African Women and a global reach. AWE holds annual conference meetings in main European cities(Rome, Madrid, Paris, Berlin, UK, Switzerland and Germany) offering workshops and seminars. These meetings have now grown and culminated in a flagship event, the high-profile African Women in Europe Awards. For more information about AWE, visit their website here:

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