Is your business idea part of the agri-food business sector? Looking for the business skills to model your business for market entry in EU? Book your ticket here!

About this Event

Have you ever aspired to become an agribusiness entrepreneur and build a gratifying business? Looking for market entry for Agriproducts in the European Union? Agribusiness is a field which will give you financial freedom and emotional satisfaction and, create you a sense of purpose.

If you want to start or scale a business which skims the surface of the food industry or start an innovative product/service in this field or a related field, then please do come and talk to me about it.

My private coaching and mentorship courses are designed to boost your entrepreneurial ability. I will provide you mentorship which includes my knowledge accumulated over 25 years, my international network of clients and investors, and hand holding support. You will learn skills to develop food & agriculture business models that can scale, create impact, and deliver profit when doing your business with Africa and the rest of the world. My priority is to serve you and make you succeed.

During this group coaching session, we shall cover the following:

  • Business Planning, Branding, Product and Marketplace, Finding Clients and Business Growth
  • Procedure, Requirements, Process of exporting agriproducts in European Union
  • Starting a contract farming business: What are the processes of starting a contract farming?
  • Developing your business as an agent, distributor or retailer: How do I start my business as an agent, distributor or retailer?
  • Funding the business: How do I fund my business venture / startup?


  • Develop your business plan ready to launch your business
  • Develop your Budget
  • Get guidance and contacts of non-bank financial institutions that fund agribusinesses
  • Get your high-quality Brand ready to launch and generate revenue
  • Get support and learn marketing and sales secrets for agri-food products/services
  • Find suppliers and get links to other agencies working with product suppliers
  • Get advisory services on any issue related to agribusiness
  • Get guidance and advisory services regarding requirement needed for exporting Agriproducts in EU


Pamela Anyoti Peronaci is an award-winning and internationally acclaimed Ugandan-born Italian Social Entrepreneur. A graduate in Political Science at Makerere University, she obtained her Master of Science (MSc) degree in Agricultural Economics at University of London -Imperial College at Wye and developed her professional credentials with the World Trade Institute in Bern, Switzerland before moving to Rome to work for the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)at the Department of Development Cooperation.

In 2007, she co-founded Sunshine Agro Products and is the CEO of her consumer brand, Asante Mama. Her companies support over 11,000 farm families through the agribusinessvalue added trade of the Asante Mama Brand around the world. Pamela has built an international network of over 600 clients across the UK, Belgium, US, and E. Africa for theAsante Mama brand, skillfully communicating the story and the people behind each great-tasting product.

A keen promoter of Agribusiness, Pamela is a seasoned public speaker and has delivered keynote addresses at high level forums in California USA, Dublin Ireland, and Oxford UK. She was appointed inaugural Fellow of African Diaspora Network to the Skoll Foundation at Oxford in 2019.

Pamela is deeply committed to building the next cohort of successful agri-food social entrepreneurs and in 2019, she launched her private Agribusiness SuccessMasterclass and Agribiz Mentorship Program focused on coaching and mentoring diaspora entrepreneurs to start, develop, and grow their agribusinesses and brands.




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