Internet costs are still very expensive in Africa and not affordable to all. The Wi-Fi web-based vending machine locally made in Kenya is solving this solution and making internet cheaper especially to the community with low income.

Click here to watch the LIVE session: >>Sky Digital Technology, a commercial web-based Wi-Fi vending machine


The consultants for Kenya Simeon Kirui, Founder of Kepic Commercial Germany and Caroline Mwangi, the Co-founder of AG-Career Hub have identified a technology making internet available for all and a technology than add value to your business. is very keen and geared towards funding sustainable businesses in Africa. We believe that technology can further enhance the sustainability and create the competitive advantage. is an initiative by Deutsche Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, which is being implemented on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) is offering business grants for Kenyans living in Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, Norway, Finland and Netherlands to apply for the grants and support entrepreneurs in Kenya with small businesses. Read more about here: >>

About the Technology

Sky Digital Technology is a company based in Kenya making locally available commercial web-based Wi-Fi vending machines. Wi-Fi vending machine works like the old telephone booths. One would insert coins and then make a call? It more or less uses the same concept only that in this case you connect through the machine name & insert coin just like it is demonstrated on the video.

Internet Connectivity

The machine can support or be connected a LAN cable or Ethernet as source of the internet.


  • Accommodate up to 4000 devices e.g laptops, phones etc
  • Another attractive feature is that its time based not usage based.

One can sell Wi-Fi for as low as 10sh for 60 minutes & the end user will get unlimited internet on there devices for 60 minutes. If a client uses 10 min of the 60 minutes & switches off the Wi-Fi, he/she can reuse the remaining time balance even 6 months later when they get back to the the same Wi-Fi coverage.

  • Unlike other service providers where you buy bundles of 15mbs @ 10bob & then after 15 minutes your stranded again.
  • The machines has a web based platform that can help you monitor & control a wide perimeter if functions that its got, like for instance one can check all the revenue collected remotely
  • Set a download speed that at no time clients will complain that the internet is slow because same people are downloading heavy material.
  • You can even block heavy websites that make the Wi-Fi slow.
  • One can also generate password or codes that can last people a a day, a week or a month if you decide to charge them like that.

Where Can it be installed

The best places to place it are at hospitals, colleges, universities, clubs, airports list is endless.



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