Which role does the Startup Germany-Africa play as a continental bridge from the scientific community for German and African start-ups to sensitize and facilitate the market entry in Germany and in Africa and if possible market entry for small and medium-sized companies in Africa?

Watch our discussion with Niklas Richter, the Project Manager at StArfrica - Startup Germany-Africa here: Opportunities for Startups: Role of StArfrica and how to access to EXIST Scholarship Programme

StArfrica is a pilot project of ZIFET of the University Koblemz-Landau, funded by the BMWi

About StArfrica

The objective of the bridgehead in Rwanda is to promote business start-ups from the field of science together with the University of Rwanda (Incubation) and especially to sensitize, motivate, advise and support (Attraction) for the possibility of founding a business in Germany, if necessary by means of an EXIST-founder's-scholarship (https://www.exist.de/EN/Programme/EXIST-Transfer-of-Research/content.html).

The objective of the bridgehead in Germany is to sensitize scientific start-ups in Germany for the potential market entry in Africa (Sensitization) and to provide relevant information and contacts (Arbritation).



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