Meet our expert, Dr. Lydia Radoli, a KAAD PhD scholarship fellow who defended her PhD in 2019 at Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus in Germany.

Through the Erasmus Mundus Association scholarship, I got an opportunity to study in UK, Sweden and Norway. Dr. Radoli later pursued her PhD in Germany under the KAAD scholarship.

"The journey to a doctorate is one that is laboured, criticised, challenged, sweated. Yet, the results are triumphantic and humbling. Finally, the day kicks on and you have to publicly declare and defend your knowledge and thought concepts. It was an auspicious outcome. For me the journey has been mirrored by personal sacrifices and enthusiasm. There were kindred spirits that walked with me. My supervisors who believed in me, my family who prayed for me, true and loyal friends who walked the talk. I have been humbled by the experience and lessons learnt. Today I share this achievement with all of those who touched my life in spirit in material resources and in kind. I was fortunate to study under the KAAD scholarship which has mentored me I'm grateful." says Lydia on her Facebook profile.

Lydia joined Goethe University Frankfurt am Main for a PhD in Development Sociology then transferred to Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus, where she successfully defended her PhD. Her research focused on media, migration and development. As a journalist, Lydia uses aspects from her research to answer gaps in the representation of Africans. She is also a Fellow of the African Good Governance Network based in Germany.

Lydia is also the Founder of Diaspora Radio, that creates narratives that tell the African story in the Diaspora and home. Diaspora Radio creates narratives that tell the African story in the Diaspora and home.

Watch our interview below and she shared with us her career path.

- Her career path and why she decided to do a PhD in Germany
- About the Diaspora Radio
- Role of the Diaspora and how we can contribute towards empowering communities within the Diaspora and back home

- Be inspired -

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