Identifying the opportunity to relocate back home and contribute to brain gain has been a dream for many African professionals who have studied abroad.

The Centre for International Migration and Development (CIM), a joint operation of GIZ and the German Federal Employment Agency has been supporting African professionals relocate back home from Germany. The Migration for Development Programme is looking for African Professionals  who have completed a degree course or have been working in Germany and would like to volunteer, do projects or relocate back to their country of origin. The organisation has been actively supporting the professionals in Germany and is offering the following programmes.

1. Returning Experts Programme

The CIM Returning Experts Programme targets professionals who have gained technical and managerial skills by working and studying in Germany and who are keen in transferring knowledge and expertise back to their countries of origin. The organisation also supports students willing to do internship back in their country of origin by catering for the financial support for internships lasting three to six months.

CIM offers top-up for salaries, internship placements and training allowances, travel and relocation expenses, workplace equipment and individual advice on returning to the country of origin. CIM also facilitates the local support network. Every year, CIM organises country seminars in Germany targeting potential returnees. The events are organised by the coordinators based in Germany and in the countries of origin who show the best practice cases and discuss the relocation steps and opportunities back home with returnees.

For more information about the programme, visit the official website here: >> Returning Experts Programme

Success Story - Jomo Kenyatta University of Applied Sciences

In 2018, CIM facilitated buying of equipment worth 7000 Euros to the School of Civil, Environmental and Geospatial Engineering at Jomo Kenyatta University in Kenya. The Coordinator of Migration for Development Programme – Kenya, Ms. Cynthia Kamau, said CIM supports returning experts to put the knowledge and skills they have acquired in Germany to good use in their country of origin thus promoting sustainable development through consolidated partnerships. The Leica Sprinter 150M Metric Digital Levels were handed over to JKUAT through Dr. -Ing Benson K. Kenduiywo, a happy returnee from Germany to Kenya. The Civil and Environmental Engineering PhD holder from the Technische Universität Darmstadt in Germany said, the equipment is a perfect tool for building and construction levelling projects.  Read more about the collaboration here: CIM buys an equipment in Kenya to Enhance Knowledge Transfer!

© A feel of how the Leica Sprinter 150M Metric Digital Levels work

READ MORE: Dr. Kemboi shared with us about how to apply for a PhD: Structured PhD and PhD by Research. Watch the interview here.

Kisii University receives a Class II, Type A2 Biological Safety Cabinets from CIM.

2. Diaspora Experts

This programme offers volunteering opportunities in the country of origin to facilitate knowledge transfer, exchange ideas and to contribute to an easier transition in relocating back. Professionals who have trained and been working in Germany are eligible to apply for the programme. Travel expenses, financial assistance during the voluntary duration, basic health insurance package and local support network are some of the benefits that the organisation offers.

For more information about the programme, visit the official website here: >> Diaspora Experts Programme

Success stories

Mshai Mwakidedela, a Kenyan professional who studied in Germany, successfully managed to volunteer in Kenya under the Diaspora Experts Programme. Read more about Mshai's initiative here: A Diaspora Expert from Kenya giving back to the community

3. Diaspora Organisations

Apart from the Returning and Diaspora Experts Programmes, the Migration of Development has been supporting diaspora organisations based in Germany that are contributing in improving the lives of the people in the country of origin. An annual funding of upto EUR 44,000 per project is granted to the organisations to implement the small scale projects. Every year, CIM opens the call for applications where diaspora organisations can submit the project proposals. The organisation can also facilitate the preparation for the application, planning of the project and the local implementation of the idea.

For more information about the programme, visit the official website here: >> Migration Organisations

Interview with the Kenyan Coordinator for Migration for Development

Kenyan Coordinator talks about the Migration for Development Programmes

Meet Cynthia, the Kenyan coordinator based in Kenya as she talks about the Returning Experts and Diaspora Experts Programmes in Kenya during our LIVE Video!


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