Unskilled college students and graduates struggle to access the job market locally and globally due to several factors.

One of the most common factors in many African countries is that many colleges and universities face the challenge of not being in a position to either offer dual vocational training programmes or connect students and graduates to the industry where they can apply theoretical knowledge into practice.

This leads to the problem that many graduates completing their degree programs with hardly any access to practical exposure within the industry end up struggling to find jobs in their areas of expertise. Due to these challenges, some students relocate to other countries to further their career and hopefully acquire the skills needed for the job market.

Tapping Career Opportunities in Germany

Germany, being one of the target countries, has gained traction over the years with many international students considering Germany due to low-tuition fees. Students with little German language skills can enroll themselves for English degree programs in the undergraduate, master or PhD courses. Unfortunately, due to the background of having either no previous work experience or lack of skills needed in the job market, they still face the challenge of not getting either a student job, an internship, a final project or full time employment in Germany.

But if one can equip these students as soon as they enroll for their degree programs or before finishing their studies, some of these problems can be solved thus giving the young people an opportunity to access the job market easily, either in Germany or back home in their countries of origin.

Brain Train Concept with AG-Career Hub Academy

The AG-Career Hub have launched a new component (Brain Train©) that is going to partially solve this problem by offering trainings for the young students and graduates to make their entry into the job market easier.

Read more about the Brain Train concept here: >>Brain Train! Acquire IT, Business Skills & Tools with us


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