The AG-Career Hub have launched a new component (Brain TrainĀ©) that is going to partially solve this problem by offering trainings for the young students and graduates to make their entry into the job market easier.

With the pool of experts we have within the network and in collaboration with other partnerships, we can assess the skills lacking and coach/train them with the hope of covering the gap. Many professionals within our network have trained in Germany and are currently working in various sectors.

After training the students and graduates, we hope to easily connect them to the industry giving them an easier entrance into the job market. The trainings and connection to the industry will also solve social problems that may affect these particular target group due to lack of employment in a foreign country.

The final goal is to match-make them and connect them with companies that are ready to hire them and either retain them or equip them for the job market.

Registration for Trainers & Students

Have you acquired substantial knowledge in IT or Business Skills and IT? Would you like to join the Brain Train Team or partner with AG-Career Hub Academy to offer your trainings?

Are you a student or a young graduate who would like to join the brain train concept? Register here and we shall connect you with the right training expert.

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