What are some of the solutions which can be implemented to give access to education and skills to the youth and business people in the rural areas?

Most rural areas in the African set-up lack access to basic necessities thus forcing the young people to relocate to big cities in search for opportunities. Due to lack of facilities that can retain such people in the rural areas, such areas never experience growth.

However, not everyone gets the opportunity to move out of the rural areas in search of opportunities in either big cities or out of the country. Families with very low income are not in a position to afford to pay for either vocational trainings or further education for their children after high school.

With the help of digitilization, many companies have implemented solutions solving many problems globally. One of our goals within the AG-Career Hub is to identify technologies that can solve some of the problems which have been existing in the continent. Since we are very passionate about education, we believe a combination of education and skills can solve some of the problems creating jobs and opportunities catering the huge demand of the young population in the content.

Solution with Mr. Signal Technology

This year, our team managed to identify a company based in Nuremberg, Germany offering offline solutions to give people access to content without internet connection. Mr. Signal GmbH (www.mr-signal.com), the AG-Career Hub together with Rural Digital Hub based in Kenya has established the first pilot project offering digital content to students, farmers and business owners looking to advance their business skills. Since there are hardly training facilities in the rural areas, we decided to setup the rural digital hub starting with a shopping center where one of our co-founders grew up in. Users can access all the contents with their mobile phones, tablets or laptops without the internet connection.

Rural Digital Hub Business Model

The digital hub located in Karuri Shopping Centre has implemented courses targeting businesses, farmers and students who would like to rehearse for their exams. The digital hub has been a great source of information especially during the lockdown due to the Covid19 pandemic. The digital hub is also offering content educating people about the corona pandemic, prevention measures and about the vaccination centers.

The business model has a simple kit comprising of offline server, laptop and tablets and mobile phones which can be hired by companies and organisations offering training facilities in the rural areas. The hub is currently offering courses and information on business ideas and courses, farming videos, health awareness and revision excises for high school students. Our goal is to partner with institutions who can either give us their training materials or use our mobile kit to offer their services in the rural areas.


For more information about the digital hub, kindly contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact our local office: +(254793004068).

About Mr. Signal

Founded in 2012, Mr.Signal started with two employees at with the development of the technical architecture and the implementation of the first Mr.Signal Base prototypes. Within a span of one year, the concept was stable enough to register the first patent. The principle of internet-independent information transfer was maintained and the company focused on developing different individual solutions for the most diverse range of applications.

The Mr.Signal Base makes a Wi-Fi network available through which you can offer your content. Visitors, customers and interested parties connect to this network using their own smartphones or tablets accessing videos, audios, text, or PDFs at Wi-Fi speed without drawing on the data volume of their mobile network provides.

The encapsulated Wi-Fi network of the Mr.Signal Base not only ensures rapid transfer but also contributes to data protection and your IT security. Because the network is provided independently of your internal infrastructure, your data remain as safe as before. For more information about Mr. Signal, visit the company's website here: www.mr-signal.com