Looking for an opportunity to grow your career in Germany? Do you know that Germany has become an attractive destination for international students looking for career opportunities abroad? 

Career guidance on how to successfully apply for Bachelor & Master Degree Programmes and access the job market in Germany

With over 400 universities in Germany, many international students are joining undergraduate and master degree programmes in Germany, benefiting from the high quality of education, access to the job market, benefits of acquiring 18 months job seeker visa and many other benefits. These are some of the reasons why we are coaching international students enroll successfully for undergraduate or master degree programme as well as secure an internship and a full-time employment in Germany. Register for our online individual coaching sessions and explore the opportunities in Germany.

We have also compiled some information about studying and funding programmes in Germany. Click on the links below for more details:

>>Read more about here about studying & funding programmes in Germany

>>Click here to get the overview of major scholarship programmes in Germany and in Africa

1. During the online coaching sessions, these are some of the topics covered:

  • ✓ What is the structure of studying in German universities?
  • ✓ Which requirements are needed for the Undergraduate & Master Degree Programmes in Germany?
  • ✓ How to get foreign degree qualifications recognised in Germany.
  • ✓ How should students apply for the programmes.
  • ✓ Which funding programmes and scholarships are available for international students in Germany?
  • ✓ Choosing degree choices & career prospects after studies
  • ✓ Application documents check prior to submitting the application

Apart from conducting workshops, we are also very keen on connecting young students and graduates with a mentor. Click the link below to see the pool of our current mentors with different academic and business backgrounds ready to mentor you on your career path.  >>Click here to see profiles of our mentors and experts

2. Consultation Fee for individual coaching sessions

The individual sessions are offered on individual basis offering a structured personal coaching assisting potential students and professionals tap into the right degree programme, internship or job of their choice.


Package G: 59 euros


The individual coaching session which lasts for 1 hour covers the general overview and structure of studying and working in Germany. The goal is to give incoming students and professionals a better understanding of various degree courses, structure of the universities in Germany and the career perspectives of the job market.

  1. Overview of the education system in Germany

Services for internship and job seekers:

  1. CV review in English language for jobs and internships

Package M: 179 euros


Individual coaching session including:

  1. Overview of the education system in Germany
  2. Coaching and pre-selection of degree programmes

Services for internship and job seekers:

  1. Career coaching for 1 hour
  2. CV review in English and German Language Translation
  3. Application Letter review in both languages (German and English)

Package L: 259 euros


Individual coaching session including:

  1. Overview of the education system in Germany
  2. Coaching and pre-selection of degree programmes
  3. Verification of documents required for the application process
  4. Review of CV and motivation letter
  5. Assistance with application process
  6. Assistance on visa application process

3. How to register for the sessions

Step 1: Registration for the Coaching Sessions:

In Step 1, you will need to register and submit the questionnaire to help us get an overview of your academic and professional background and also your career goals.

Step 2: Customizing the Coaching Session

After submitting your registration form, we shall review your application and design the best package that suits your career need.

Step 3: Submit your payment for the session now!

Book for the individual coaching session and let us help you in submitting a successful application for the programme of your choice. Click on the links below and select the area of your choice.

For students:


>>Click here to book for individual coaching sessions


For internships and jobs


>>Click here to upload your CV and motivation letter



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